What we are about to tell you is a very painful story, but only in this way can we fully understand how and why the "LUCA'S HONEY" project was born. 

The Sangiovanni family is today made up of Antonio, Adriana, Pasquale and Andrea, where the two brothers and their father Antonio take care of the production, sale and promotion of the Caiazzana da Tavola olive.

 Until January 2, 2023, however, there was another member in the family, the most important, tenacious and decisive one, LUCA SANGIOVANNI.

Luca was the older brother of Pasquale and Andrea. That day, January 2, while he was working in the company, he ends up in a tragic accident which, unfortunately, leads to his death.

He loved the life he led, nature, but above all, his bees. He was a beekeeper for passion and not for work. He dreamed of getting his honey into the homes of each of us. He dedicated every single day of his life to caring for his bees and his project. 

In fact, fortunately, his family grew dramatically from year to year.

After the tragic accident, the brothers understood that in order for Luca to continue living, it was necessary to continue what he had started and that he loved to do more than anything else, it was the only way to ensure that he continued to live alongside them.

So it was that the two decided to continue what Luca had started, giving his name to his project, putting his image on his products and committing himself strongly to the promotion and sale of the same. This is how the "LUCA'S HONEY" project was born.

It does not end here, His brother Pasquale, in addition to being a shareholder in the company, has been cultivating a strong passion for the production of electronic music for years. 

In the period leading up to the day of the tragedy, Pasquale had planned the release of his first album, which was later canceled due to the tragic period after the incident. Pasquale a few months later decides to make some changes to the album, distorting it and dedicating it to his brother. 

The names of the tracks, for example, are some of the names that Luca had given to his hives. Some sounds within the entire album were created and manipulated just as brother Luca would have liked. 

Some harmonies and melodies bring the mind back to the beautiful spring days when the first honey extractions begin. In short, listening to the album is like spending some of the most important moments of Luca's life right next to him. 

"Yes, it's true, Luca is no longer with us in the form of matter, but he is in the form of music and honey

It is only in this way that Luca will be able to live forever by our side and be known and remembered by the whole world. 

Luca's dream was just that, to bring his world into everyone's homes, to bring everyone into his small and big world.